Country Hills Cavaliers

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Dear Kelly,
What a wonderful experience to get our beautiful Cavalier from you. He looks like a Champion and behaves like one.  
We were so impressed with your honesty and integrity. After looking at many breeders and their dogs the decision to
get our Cavalier from you was easy. You make sure your puppies are socialized and happily engage with humans.

You have them carefully examined by a Veterinarian that knows Cavalier's.  Max is healthy, happy and very handsome. 
He never jumps on the furniture. He rarely if ever barks. He thinks everyone that comes through the door is here to see
him. He was very easy to housebreak and never has had any accidents indoors. He does sleep on the bed with us and
loves to take naps with his master. I have to tell you how much I have appreciated your help when ever I had a question. 

Cavaliers live for their family and always want to be close to them. Max is wonderful with children and other animals. 
There are many indiscriminate breeders out there. You are not one of them. Anyone wanting a great dog can be sure
they are getting exactly that when it comes from you.

Shirley Weidner
White Bear Lake, MN  

Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed Owen. He has been a wonderful pet even though he is still getting into everything. We wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and have attached a photo of Owen on his ten month birthday. As you can see he's a little spoiled. :-)

Rich & Valerie Schoenert

Gabby and Gunner              Gunnar and Gabby

We want to tell you how pleased we are with them and you as a breeder of Cavaliers. You have been very helpful and pleasant to work with. The dogs are wonderful and were very easy to train, cavaliers seems to be very smart! When we are ready for another puppy, we will come back to you. 

Tait                                   Tait and Isabelle

My first Cavalier story began  when my husband surprised me by bringing me to the house of Kelly Odegaard of Country Hills Cavaliers. It was then that I met the parents of my soon to be first Cavalier puppy Tait. Little did my husband know that this would start my addiction of Cavaliers but also the beginning of a good friendship with the breeder of my first Cavalier Kelly Odegaard. Kelly was very Tait coming out of the water giving us the lip.knowledgeable of the breed and it was a pleasure working with her in getting our first Cavalier puppy. Tait has turned out to be the perfect dog anyone could ask for.  Everyone who meets him wants to take him home! He is beautiful and perfectly healthy!    Isabelle       

I also chose to get a second puppy from Kelly. Isabelle is a spitfire who will never turn down a romp around the yard, and chasing anything that comes her way. She also is a snuggle bunny who will give you endless kisses.

Kacey Wood
Montrose, MN

Dear Kelly, We have been truly blessed to have received THREE different Cavaliers from Kelly. They have all been good natured, obedient, loving little dogs. Our most recent doggie (Lucy) has won national honors for her role as a therapy dog that visits hospice patients, looking longingly into their eyes and riding regally in their wheelchairs. The pictures, in order, are Lucy, Rueben, Misty, the last two together….Margi Miller of Venice, FL.

Lucy & Uncle Jimmy



Rueben & Misty

Merry Christmas! I wanted to send you a quick note to give you an update on Ruby. She is doing GREAT!
WE LOVE HER SO MUCH!! We just had her yearly check up and she is very healthy! She had her teeth cleaned and got a clean bill of health!

Ruby does all of the things you had told me you would like for her. She spends her days with me as I work from home. She doesn't leave my side very often and I love every minute of it. We have quite the bond. She sleeps on our bed at the foot of the bed. She stays in bed until I get up and then she is ready for breakfast and a trip outside. Next she wakes up the kids for school. She jumps up on the bed and gives them kisses to wake them up. I have to say, she has made getting the kids out of bed in the morning a much easier task. Then we take walks outside to get out once in awhile until the kids get home. Sometimes she will venture downstairs to my Husband's office as he works from home too. Most of the time that is when he is having breakfast or lunch. She thinks she should eat then too. :) She really isn't home by herself much at all. When we do go, she is very happy when we come home and talks to us to let us know she wasn't too happy that we left. :)

Ruby has had a great year of learning. We have a boat and she adjusted to boating life very well. We don't have her swimming, but she doesn't mind being on the boat. She has no problem when we sit on the dock in our lawnchairs as she is normally cuddling in someone's lap. She is such a low key dog. Our friends tease and say "Ruby, don't get too excited". She is just such a cuddler! At home she has learned to play fetch with our kids. She has all sorts of toys she plays with. She has her "babies" that she cuddles with on the floor and seems to clean them. It is very cute. Our neighbors just got a puppy and she took right over with her mother instincts. It is very cute to watch the two of them play together. She will sit and shake for a treat and we are teaching her more tricks too. Ruby LOVES to go to coffee! On the weekends the family will get in the car and head to Caribou to pick up coffee. The minute I say "do you want to go to coffee?" she starts barking and jumping and then runs to the back door. The kids "discuss" who gets to hold her in the car. They just love her! Many times we go through drive-thru windows and she will score a treat from them. We get so many compliments on how cute she is!

I wanted to share how easy of a transition we had with her. Since she was already over 3 when we got her, we didn't deal with the puppy chewing stage or the potty training. We took her home and it was more just getting her into our routine and getting her comfortable with her new home. Now we can't imagine life without her!

Thank you so much for Ruby! She said to say "Hello" and she misses you!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Kathy Tomzak


To Kelly Odegaard…

I had my first Cavalier 11yrs ago. Her name was Reilly! She was the most remarkable dog and she was loved by many. We lost Reilly at 9 yrs old. The grieving process was a very difficult time in our lives. But, we knew that we wanted another Cavalier in our lives. There were a lot more breeders out there to choose from than when I got Reilly. It was really time consuming doing the research but I knew that I wanted to find the best breeder out there that was as compassionate about Cavaliers as I was.

I found her…Kelly Odegaard!

The first time I talked to her I was convinced that was it. My search had come to an end. My wife, daughter and myself took a drive one day to visit Kelly and her amazing dogs. We climbed over a small fence to hang out with her female dogs. Let me tell you we were all overwhelmed and consumed with cavaliers and we couldn’t get enough. Right then and there I wanted to take them all home with us.

We decided on a Ruby pup…we named her Gracie!

She is unbelievable! I could write a story about Gracie but I am writing this to thank my new friend Kelly…who brought smiles to our faces once again.

If you’ve been blessed to have owned a Cavalier then you know what I’m talking about. If you are a future owner of one you will experience what all Cavalier owners experience…the love of a Cavalier is like no other.

I will always have a Cavalier in my life.

You will not find a more genuine person and loving breeder of Cavalier King Charles…than Kelly.

Thank-you Kelly for being the person you are.

-Charlee Dollens-


Our Bella

Hi, Kelly!

I can’t thank you enough for our beautiful puppy Bella – Emma and Charlie’s little girl! She has completely stolen our hearts!!

She is simply a gorgeous puppy, with brown eyes that just melt you. Everyone she meets falls in love with her! She gets so excited to see everyone, and you can’t help but love her when she nibbles your ears! Bella is fantastic with the kids, and really loves to go everywhere with us. Her favorite place is the cabin – she really enjoys “kissing” the fish the kids catch, napping on the dock, learning to swim, and going for long walks. She is definitely our “baby” and loves attention and laps. Ashley is really excited to look into training/showing her in 4H this fall.

Here are some pictures of Bella at about 3-1/2 months. She’s about 5-1/2 months now, and her tail “feathers” are starting to grow! She simply glows with health, and her coat is like silk. She’s pretty much potty trained, and has been sleeping through the night for quite a while now.

I’ve never had or met such a perfect dog – thank you so much, Kelly! We recommend you to everyone looking for a puppy!!

Laura Darst
More pictures of Bella below

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